The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour – Beyonce 2014

I bought tickets for her tour this year at the O2 and she was absolutely incredible. I got to see her perform last year at V Festival but I wanted to experience her full concert, instead of standing and waiting for her in the crowd for about 6  hours! Every single performance was perfect and she just looked so bloody amazing, especially when she performed ‘Partition’ (omg) from her new album…and if you’ve seen the video for it you’d know what I mean! The seats were pretty close to the stage too which was just great as I got to visually see her strutt her stuff. I must say when she started singing ‘Drunk in Love’ the atmosphere was  unbelievable and it only got more exciting when Jay Z  appeared and began to rap, the whole arena was buzzing!

P.S I couldn’t get any better pics than this!


IMG_0358 IMG_0375 IMG_0380
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Anna Vissi – Camden

Hey guys, finally posting again!

Last Sunday I went to Anna Vissi’s concert which was at KOKO club in Camden and she was absolutely amazing!  For those who don’t know her, she is one of the most successful and loved Greek entertainers of all time and has been performing for years! (My dad even remembers listening to her when he was a teenager and that says a lot!)

For all you Greek people, if you haven’t yet seen her live you should pray she does another concert. The fans even started Greek dancing in the middle of some of the traditional Cypriot songs that she performed. (Gotta love Greek fans..) I was quite surprised at the amount of Greeks and Cypriots that actually bought tickets and came to the concert!

Before the concert my sister, my mum and I wandered around Camden for pretty much the whole day just looking at the markets and any thrift shops we came across. I absolutely love Camden and the atmosphere as a whole. If you haven’t been before, GO!  Anyway, enough writing for today, have a look through my gallery of Camden! 🙂

P.S I wasn’t allowed to take any photos with my camera inside the concert (cry) so iPhone camera had to do!