National Portrait Gallery – Photographs

Writing up another post on some of the photographs from the exhibition as promised! These selected photographs are the ones that stood out to me the most, the ones that I stared at for quite a while. Reading the description for each one of these, I could see the meaning behind the photographs. Most of them are captured in the moment which I feel makes the photograph more meaningful. ‘Sofia’ by Nestor Diaz is an example of how the photographer captures the model living in the moment. The fact that she has chosen to show herself how she did shows that she is accepting her reality as well as proving that there still is beauty. Another favourite is the ‘Beauty Recovery Room 01’ by Ji Yeo who tries to show the pressure between Korean women trying to undergo plastic surgery in order to achieve the Western ‘look’!




HOLY MOTHER – By Erik Almås


SOFÍA – By Néstor Díaz




THE TWINS – By Dorothee Deiss



Hellooo, I hope everyone’s had a great day, just one more day to get through and then you can relax! I wanted to make a quick post on how happy I am that I created my blog. It’s a little bit like a diary, where I can flick through my posts and look at at what I have achieved. Today I hit 50 followers, I know that’s not a thousand or a million yet..(maybe one day lol) but it’s a start so thank you for following, it means a lot!!
Also, if you are interested in fashion or photography or anything else please post your link below so I can have a look and follow! 🙂


Christmas Faves

How quickly has Christmas come and gone?! It’s the best thing about winter, the family, the decorations and of course the food (still in a food coma tho!) As a new years resolution, I promised myself I would start using my camera a lot more around the house and when I’m out. I use it a lot don’t get me wrong, but when something so simple needs photographing I just tend to use my phone so I will try my best to stop doing that!

Anyway, I got some pretty amazing presents this Christmas as I’m pretty easy to buy for which is always good ;). These are my absolute faves!

P.S I’m going to see Beyonce in March eeeeeeeek!

IMG_7664 IMG_7667


Hi guys, I feel like I’ve completely neglected my blog! I’ve been so busy with my new internship and I just haven’t had time to post anything yet. To makes things worse my laptop has now broken so I won’t be able to do many posts. I’ve been around Hammersmith market lately and I’ve taken a few nice photos that I want to post about, so look out for them when I get my laptop fixed!


Julien Macdonald

By far my favorite catwalk show at LFWEnd (obviously), it’s not everyday I get to experience Julien Macdonald’s AW13 collection and be in the photographers pit! I absolutely loved his collection, full of glitter, sparkle and feathers overall resulting to just beautiful party dresses. A lot of international stars have been known to wear Julien Macdonald’s creations like  Jessie J, Cheryl Cole, Kylie Minogue and the list goes on. Beyonce had even asked him to design her Mrs Carter Tour outfits, how amazing!

Anyway enough of my rambling on, have a look at his Autumn/Winter 2013 collection for yourself and try not to fall in love with it too much, enjoy 🙂