London Fashion Week – Street Style

Continuing from my previous post, here are some street style outfits from LFW. Which ones are your fave?


London Fashion Week

As most of you know, this time last week was London Fashion Week which I managed to go to. It was held at Somerset House and I was asked to go for the day to take some photographs of the event. The weather was pretty miserable for the whole day, it rained non stop but I was so distracted I didn’t realise I was drenched until I was back on the tube…

I’ve always wanted to go just to witness and be part of the atmosphere which  was so amazing considering it was only the first day! It started off being a little empty in the morning but once it hit lunch time hours it was so busy, people were taking photos everywere – I was in my comfort zone! Pretty much everyone made an effort, maybe some a little more than others…

I will do another post on a few of the street style photos, but for now here are the rest of the photographs from the day 🙂

Joanna and Vincent’s Wedding – Photographer’s Assistant

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to help and assist a photographer, David Christopher for the day. My job was to help him with changing lenses and generally be of assistance and get great shots of the bride and groom. I was also there to be a second pair of eyes to give him my opinion on what I think should be captured and things that he may have missed. I took my camera on the day, my 85mm lense (as that’s the best one I have for now…) and I was able to capture my own photos which I am very grateful for. We were there from 8:30am till the evening and even got to capture the first dance!

Working with David was a great experience, I learnt so much just from working with him for a day and was given some great tips. I love his work and look forward to working with him again! If you haven’t already looked through his website, make sure you check it out

The wedding was hosted at Wotton House in Dorking Surrey, such a beautiful place!! Have a look through my photos from the day, hope you enjoy! xx

Bootsale Bargains

After the wettest and windiest week, it’s finally Friday, yay! This only means one thing, and that is using my free time to do some more posts. I went to a bootsale last week, (I go pretty much every two weeks with my dad) but I always manage to find some bargains which is why I love them so much! When I was there I found myself staring at this lady’s stand where she had a load of vintage bags for sale and I couldn’t help but buy one for myself,  vintage Italian real leather handbag? umm yes please!!


IMG_8360 IMG_8363 IMG_8364 IMG_8365

National Portrait Gallery – Photographs

Writing up another post on some of the photographs from the exhibition as promised! These selected photographs are the ones that stood out to me the most, the ones that I stared at for quite a while. Reading the description for each one of these, I could see the meaning behind the photographs. Most of them are captured in the moment which I feel makes the photograph more meaningful. ‘Sofia’ by Nestor Diaz is an example of how the photographer captures the model living in the moment. The fact that she has chosen to show herself how she did shows that she is accepting her reality as well as proving that there still is beauty. Another favourite is the ‘Beauty Recovery Room 01’ by Ji Yeo who tries to show the pressure between Korean women trying to undergo plastic surgery in order to achieve the Western ‘look’!




HOLY MOTHER – By Erik Almås


SOFÍA – By Néstor Díaz




THE TWINS – By Dorothee Deiss