The Breakfast Club

Over the weekend I went to my first ever restaurant which served American Style Pancakes. As you can imagine I was a little (a lot) excited about trying them out for the first time especially as I’d planned this trip for months..and because of my pancake and Nutella obsession! This restaurant known as The Breakfast Club (just like the film which I also love) is based in Spitafields, tucked away on a side road just opposite Liverpool street station – very easy to get to. Spitafields being a busy area as usual we had to queue up outside for a while until we got a seat. Usually when I queue up for a restaurant I start to lose interest and suggest other options, but these pancakes were calling my name! I’d been wanting these pancakes for too long so I am relieved to say that the wait was definitely worth it.

When entering the restaurant, I automatically fell in love with the design and atmosphere. There was humour and quirkiness in it all with the random passport photos hanging up on walls, the fairy lights and even a Gladiator in a white bra… yeah.  I ordered the ‘Pancakes and Berries’ with a strawberry milkshake which it was just yummy whilst my sister and friend went more for the English breakfast type. Despite the fact that these pancakes left me unable to move, I’d definitely do it all over again!

Here are some of my photos from my first ever American Pancake experience!



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