LFWEnd – Saturday 21st of September

Ok so I said I will make another post explaining my day on Saturday so here go 🙂

Having previously gone to LFWEnd on Thursday, I was given the chance to go again on the Saturday for the Trend show, but this time I was actually in the photographers pit (eeeek). This was where all the photographers, who were invited by Canon were positioned in order to get some good shots of the catwalk. Before going into the photographers pit, we were given a short briefing about the day as well as being advised on the best settings to use in order to get sharp and clear shots. I spoke to a few people who worked for Canon and I must say they were so helpful in giving me advice and answering any questions I had about the settings on my camera. When arriving at the photographer’s pit, I made sure I positioned myself in a space where I could take some good shots without heads popping up in front of my lens. Once the models came out I was actually hit a few times by a number of cameras (which were actually mahoosive..) but this didn’t stop me from shooting! I was pretty much watching the catwalk through my camera, my face didn’t leave the viewfinder!

Once the Trend show had finished I heard there was another catwalk in the evening, but this time it was the designer catwalk which in no doubt I attended also. To make things better, the designer was Julien Macdonald!! After a whole day spent at Somerset House (and two achy arms), I had one of the best experiences of my life, that I would happily repeat over and over again. I will be making another post with the photos from the Trend show, as well the designer show but for now here are a few images I took of the people and the surrounding atmosphere!

Thank you to Frankie Jim and Kevin from Canon who gave me this opportunity!



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